Boys Varsity basketball captains talk basketball and future

A writer for the SLV Claw was given the task of writing a player profile on one of the three captains for the Cougar Varsity basketball team. Unable to decide which of the three great personalities to interview alone he sat puzzled and considered his options.

The first of the three captains is Tanner “Tweety Bird” Murray a senior guard. Murray, known for his dancing ability and various shenanigans at school rallies, would prove to be an interesting person to interview.

The next candidate was Joe “Apple-Juice” Oard a senior guard and forward. Oard is known for his sense of humor and general silliness and would be able to provide a comedic element to the interview.

The third and final captain is Jackson “The Bully” Turner a senior forward. Jackson, who one can hear from just about any part of California, and likes to torment this young writer (in a brotherly way), would add many entertaining quotes and points to the story.

The writer sat there pondering how he was going to do this paper. At a time like this, when War-drums roll and the bugles howl for blood, he decided to think of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, and wonder how he would handle it. He knew then exactly what he would do. He would interview all three.


Claw: How is the team looking this year?

Murray: We are looking pretty good, had some early season injuries, but everyone is feeling healthy now and we are looking pretty.

Oard: Oh we suck! *Insert Joe laugh here*

Turner: Pretty good, including the Dad’s we are 3-2.

C: Plans after high school?

M: Hopefully going to a four-year college and playing baseball.

Photo: Paul Firenzi


O: After high school? Yeah, go to college, play sports, graduate.

What sports do you play?

M: Baseball, Basketball, and Football.

O: Basketball, football, and track.

T: You should know this you freaking meat-stick. Football and basketball.

C: What sports will you play in college if any?

M: Baseball.

O: Track.

T: Yeah, I don’t know that. I’m either gonna play basketball or football. One of those.

C: Career pursuits?

M: Physical therapist or athletic trainer

O: Besides sports? Cooking.

T: I was most interested in engineering.

C: Favorite memory playing basketball?

M: Alley-oop to Ian Blair freshman year.

O: Oh man. Probably going to San Diego and filming Mikey LaCapria naked in the shower.

Screenshot 2017-02-28 at 12.57.39 PM.png
Photo: Paul Firenzi

T: Honestly probably the Dad’s Tournament this year. I wasn’t expecting to score that much and it was a lot of fun.

C: How long have you played?

M: I have been playing basketball since I was about 5 years old.

O: Since 6th grade. Maybe longer, but 6th grade is where I really started playing.

T: I probably started around when I was seven.

C: Anything you do to pump up the team before the games?

M: I usually don’t do anything, but Liam Tveit finds a way to get the job done.

T: No. It’s not like football. I kinda just listen to music and that’s about it.

C: Do you have a special game day meal?

M: Pasta of some sort.

O: Well, I gotta make sure I get my chocolate in and a little protein and then some sleep.

T: Yeah, my snack before games is Starburst and a water.

C: How do you like your coach?

M: Stephen Johnson is great. He relates to us and knows when to have fun and when to be serious.

O: I love Stephen.

T: Oh, I love my coach. He is a great, great guy.


Photo: Paul Firenzi

C: Who is the toughest team you’ll play?


M: St. Francis

T: St. Francis. Yeah, they were super young last year and they beat Santa Cruz.

C: Things you’ll miss about high school?

M: Probably just friends.

O: I guess just being around people that know you, and you know them. You know just hangin’ out with them.

T: Yeah, probably High School Football and basketball.

C: Things you’ll miss about your current team?

M: How close we are and how well we work together

T: All the players. And playing with them.
By Seamus McMillan

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