2019-2020 The Claw Staff

Editor in Chief: Mira Warner & Callie Solberg

News Editors: Jill Miller & Hannah Zolezzi

Features Editors: Brook Weder & Olivia Lapioli

Sports Editors: Madison Reger

Business Manager: Tyler Costere


News: Joaquin Cruz, Colleen FitzPatrick, Tasia Lundberg, Pablo Reid, Beckett Glass, Trinity Torgerson, Dean Ricigliano, Kayla White, Michelle Hunter

Features: Zachary Reaves, Sierra Mattair, Micah Jewell, Sierra Bullock, Jersey Collins, Natalie Hunter, Braidan Lewis, Cherise Gombatz

Sports: Carter Cox, Gia Cusimano, Charlotte Gunion, Ryder Moore, Carlton Gilbert, Sequoia Loya, Kaylah Perez, Ryan Hodge


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