2018-2019 The Claw Staff

Editor in ChiefJulia Poetzinger

News Editors: Paris Shewfelt & Callie Solberg

Features EditorsMira Warner

Sports Editors:  Katie Riggan

Business Manager: Gabe Michaud


News: Collin Manley, Rylan Clohan Bonnet, Lori Claes, Chris Markey, Amber Slaughter, Rachel Clift, Jacinda MacCool, Ellie Bourret, Olivia Lapioli, Matt Stone, Kevin Giannini

Features: Medison Reger, Jersey Collins, Jill Miller, Hannah Zolezzi, Atara Miller, Sierra Mattair, Sierra Mullock, Bailey Brown

Sports: Erica Kindred, Mira Wichelmann, Emma Anderson, Sarah Hanson

Online Manager: Paris Shewfelt

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