2017-2018 The Claw Staff

Editor in ChiefAiden LeRoux

Section Editors:

News Editors: Julia Poetzinger & Kahlo Smith

Features EditorsJordan Beiden-Charles & Caitlyn Wade

Sports Editors:  Seamus McMillan


News: Jordan King, Angelo Reis, Rachel Clift, Callie Solberg, Kaylo Zubey, Sarah Murphy, Atara Miller, Jacinda MacCool, Alivia Lepioli, Emmeleia Ross, Sarah Hanson, Katie Riggan

Features: Kenna Carney, Tulsi Carroll, Kelsey Duncan, Hannah Zolezzi, Jill Miller, Sabrina ValldeRuten, Karla Struthers, Camryn Hipwell, Madison Reger, David Halberstadt, Cat Shewfelt

Sports: Kayla Penny, Collin Manley, Tyler Costere, Simone Sutton, Isaac Wallace-Menge, Aden Rich, Reid Olmstead, Liam Clifford

Online: Cat Shewfelt


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