2020-2021 The Claw Staff

Editor in Chief: Jill Miller 

News Editors: Beckett Glass & Tasia Lundberg

Features Editor: Zachary Reaves 

Sports Editor: Carter Cox

Business Manager: Lennon Lilienthal-Wynn 


News: Daniel Maloney, Konnor Long, Quinn Bourret, Angela Landes, Lucas Murawsky, Makoa Hoopai, , Skyler Shipp, Kaherdin Clohan-Bonnet, Nolan Alisago, Duncan Howell

Features: James Carlos, Natasha Gunion, Samual Hughes, Kayla Hoffman, Lio Rowan, Ashli Trageser, Caitlynn Woods, Azella LaFever, Lucas Hede

Sports: Micheal Finley, Gionni Olivera, Jackson Leija, Luke Sherrick, Zane Krikke.

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