SLV Worthy “Prom-Posals”

Mateo Rocamora And Josie Wingert

Q: Tell me about your promposal.

A: “Well Leslie Burns asked me like the day before I wanted to do it, so I said of course. We planned it so that it would happen during the spring rally. We also wanted to make it kind of a surprise, so we blindfolded her during the game and then when we took it off I was standing there dressed nicely. Other people were standing next to me with posters that spelled out prom?

Q: Was it nerve wracking doing such a public promposal?

A: No, I wasn’t nervous at all
Claire and Jake

Q: So How did he ask you?

A “He wrote on my car ‘Will U go to prom with me?’ using the U of my University of Utah sticker. It was nice because that’s where we’re both headed next year.

Q: How did you feel when you saw it?

A: “I was very Surprised. I was really happy though, because we’re friends and his dog was there in a bow tie. It was really cute.”
Max LaCapria and Adrienne Cope

Q: How did you end up asking her?

Source: Emily Holmes
Source: Emily Holmes

Q: How did you end up asking her?

A: “I went onto the senior lawn dressed in a suit and asked a few of my friends to hold up balloons that spelt P-R-O-M. I then asked her and she said yes. And then, because it was her birthday, we sung happy birthday to her and cut up some cake to eat.”

Q: Do you think she was expecting it? Or was she surprised?

A: “She looked pretty surprised.”

By: Celia Hare

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