Team Fluff Runs off with the win in Puppy Bowl 2017

Not interested in watching football? What if the players had tails and floppy ears? The Puppy Bowl is the television program to watch this Super Bowl Sunday.

The Puppy Bowl is an event that takes place every year at the same time as the Super Bowl and airs on Animal Planet. There are twelve episodes. On February 5, 2005, the first Puppy Bowl was held. The puppies that play on the show are all from sScreen Shot 2017-02-28 at 1.09.09 PM.pnghelters. The puppies are available for adoption.

The Puppy Bowl is a bunch of puppies playing around in a model stadium. The puppies are playing a modified version of football. There are two teams, Team Ruff and Team Fluff. The teams are identified by a different colored bandanas worn throughout the game. There is no live audience and the referee is a human who watches and calls any penalties that are made throughout the game. If the puppy uses the bathroom on the field, that is a penalty. If the puppies are playing too rough or need more water, that is a timeout. At the end of the show, the standout performer puppy is selected as the MVP or “Most Valuable Puppy.” Viewers are allowed to vote on the MVP online at any time during the show. The episodes are about 120 minutes, commercials included.

The Puppy Bowl has a very unique and special half time show. For thirty minutes, kittens run around playing with toys and other kittens. The kittens are also available for adoption. At the end of half time, confetti is blasted on the field and the cats run off.

The MVP in the 2017 Puppy Bowl was a poodle-terrier mix named Rory. Rory scored three touchdowns for Team Fluff in the first quarter. Team Fluff won the game with the ending score of 93-38. The 2017 Puppy Bowl was the highest scoring Puppy Bowl yet. Rory scored the first touchdown which put Team Fluff in the lead with 7-0. Team Fluff made a comeback this year after losing previous years.

Some of the puppies playing in the Puppy Bowl this year are a 19 week old male pomsky named Alexander Hamil Pup from Little Dog Rescue in Florida, a 15 week old male otter hound/lab mix named Archimedes from Green Dogs Unleashed in Virginia, a 16 week old female terrier mix named Beebop from Stray Rescue in Missouri, and an 18 week old male blue tick hound nameScreen Shot 2017-02-28 at 1.07.10 PM.pngd Bismark from AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport in Iowa.

The Puppy Bowl 201
7 was a memorable year for Team Fluff after losing for two years to Team Ruff. Codey Runcorn, a sophomore, says, “I do not normally watch the Puppy Bowl because I watch the Super Bowl, but my favorite team did not play in the Super Bowl this year, so I decided to watch the Puppy Bowl. I thought it was cute how they have a Puppy Bowl and if my favorite team does not play in the Super Bowl next year, I will be watching the Puppy Bowl.” Sierra Mirande, a sophomore, says, “I love watching the Puppy Bowl and I was glad that Team Fluff finally won after their losing streak.”

The Puppy Bowl 2017 was a great victory for Team Fluff and the highest scoring Puppy Bowl yet. 

By Cheyanne Futch

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