The SLV surf team is gearing up for the midseason

The surf team at SLV is about halfway through their season this January. They have 3 more competitions for the season, making their total 4 competitions. The weekend of January 3o is the next scheduled competition. It will only be the second one of the season. The next two are in late February and late March. They competed against Aptos High School in the first competition and ended up falling short (41-63). They are scheduled to compete against Soquel this month

Photo by: Joni Martin

, Santa Cruz in February, and then against Aptos again to round out the season. Since the team’s last meet in November, they have been practicing, while still battling out the La Nina winter we have been having in Northern California which has definitely made an impact against our beaches. For surfing, there is a club and a team. The club meets at school, while the team goes out and practices, although most people on the team are as well in the club.      

By: Madison Reger  

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