JV Football Enters a New Season With a New Head Coach

With the JV football team starting the season with a new head coach, will they still win league?

maxresdefaultSo far the JV football team has been doing very well for having a brand new head coach. The coach’s name is Nick Gorman. He is very young and used to play highschool football at SLV. For the last few years he was an assistant coach, coaching the wide receivers for JV. With two games so far, the team has won one game and tied one. The cougars are doing well in the start of their season.

The team has, so far, really enjoyed having Coach Gorman as their new head coach. He has experience playing football, so he knows what plays to call during the games. He also knows how to make practice more fun so that it’s not always boring.

The Cougars think the team and the team chemistry is very good. Sophomore Jaden Kiel-Ribera said, ¨I think this year we might have a the opportunity to win league. There are quite a few talented freshman players that have come up. We as Sophomores have improved a lot from last year and so has our team. I think we have great team chemistry. The quarterbacks connect with the receivers and the running backs. There is a lot of communication both on offence and defence.¨

Even though the team really enjoys Nick Gorman, they do miss a few of their old coaches. It is also hard for them to adjust to their new coaching style. Kiel-Ribera commented again saying, ¨I think our coaching staff is pretty good. It is definitely not as good as last year being that Stephen Johnson was our head coach. And the legendary Dave Mercer was also a coach. There are also some new coaches which make it hard to make the adjustment between coaching styles. I think, so far, coach Nick Gorman has done a great job as head coach.¨

The Cougars have entered their new season with a brand new head coach. The Cougars believe that they still will win league, even with them having a to get used to the new coaching style. Coach Gorman has a great deal of experience with high school football, so the team is optimistic that he knows what he is doing.

By Christian Carney

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