Girls Golf shoots for top three in SCCAL

San Lorenzo Valley High School’s Girls Golf team is getting ready to begin their 2016 season. They have been putting in a lot of effort, so they hope and think they have the potential to make top three.

By Lucjan S.


The team postponed their season and has been able to practice for five weeks. There are three returning and three new players, so the returning try to help the new players and share things they know. The new players are learning the course and how the game works, so they’re happy they have extra time. Their first match was September 20th. They had two matches before they play against Harbor, who is their rival. They haven’t been able to beat them in the past, but each year they get closer and closer and they are hoping they can do it this year.

The team has made sure to keep practicing and continue to get better but they make sure to have fun too. Though they are hoping to do well and win, it isn’t the most important thing to them. They want to have fun, be able to talk to each other, laugh, joke around, and enjoy playing the sport. Jillian Francis said, “We are equal on the team and all help lead the team together.” They have fantastic chemistry whether it is on the field or off.

With the help of their teammates and coach, this team is working hard to advance their skills. There is a six person roster that has two senior players: Ava Badger and Amanda Rinnert. There are three Junior players: Jillian Francis, Rebecca Martin, and Sibylle Weikel. The only sophomore player is Sierra Mirande.

The coach, Shane Sutcliffe, is recognized as a tremendous coach by all the players. He knows a lot about the game because his father was a pro-golfer, so he teaches well. Win or lose, he supports the team and teaches them more to try and get better. He also makes sure they know how to do everything correct. “He is a wonderful coach and helps the girls get better and better as it goes on,” said Amanda Rinnert. Sierra Mirande also said, “He helps us all improve on lots of things and gives tips to everyone.”

They have been doing well in practices and they have been showing much  improvement very quickly. “The more we practice the more optimistic we’re getting,” said Rebecca Martin. It will hopefully show in their matches and then they will be able to meet their goal of being in top three.

By Mira Warner

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