Inexpensive Homemade Gifts For the Holidays

These gifts will be sweet and thoughtful, but won't put your bank account in the red.  Source:
These gifts will be sweet and thoughtful, but won’t put your bank account in the red.

This holiday season, instead of buying expensive gifts for your loved ones, take the time to make fun loving homemade gifts. Here are some quick,cheap and beautiful ideas for the perfect homemade present for this month of giving.

One simple yet thoughtful idea that will make your gift receiver smile in joy is popcorn. Using an open bag of uncooked popcorn still in the wrapper, place a card( homemade of course) with a secret message. The receiver will be surprised to find a message placed in the package.

If you have a relative that loves to cook this next gift will have them jumping(or cooking) with joy. You will need a cooking glove mit and cooking utensils along with a cook book. Place the utensils inside the mitt along with the cook book. Wrap the mitt with a bow to give it a cheery look.

This next gift is for your beloved pet. Take a handful of dog(or cat) treats, and place in a wax paper bag. Staple the bag shut and on Christmas morning place it in their bowl.

For all the coffee lovers in your family, this gift is the creamer to their coffee. With a basket, place a few coffee mugs along with a bag of their favorite coffee. To make this gift extra sweet add small packets of creamer and sugar.

If “sweet” is your family member’s middle name, this cupcake box will make their smile ever expansive. With a small decorated box, place a box of cupcake batter, along with small containers of sprinkles, and small four cupcake holder. Tie the box with a bow.

For those friends of yours that you know are difficult to buy for. For a girl, place a tube of lipstick, a favorite color nail polish, a target card, and a sugary treat in see through goodie bag. For a boy, place a GameStop card, a beanie, and a delicious candy or cookie.

These homemade gifts are guaranteed to make your relatives smile. May your days be merry and bright this holiday season.

-Victoria Liso

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