Student’s favorite restaraunts in the area that you should check out.

Santa Cruz County offers its residents many diverse eating options. With so much variety we can overlook some of the best food in the county. Use these recommendations by SLV

students to find your new favorite place to satisfy your hunger.


The home of Larry’s Famous Chai, The White Raven offers a variety of delicious drinks and backed goods. Source:

Best Coffeehouse: The White Raven

Located in Downtown Felton, the White Raven has always been a student favorite. Most popular items include chai, tea, and coffee among other great drinks. Be sure to try the chai latte! The White Raven offers all this in a relaxed setting with WiFi – perfect for study groups.

Best Sushi: Otoro

Otoro Sushi in Scott’s Valley offers customers an authentic and delicious experience. Favorites include the Surf ‘n Turf roll and the California roll. A Surf ‘n Turf roll is lobster and crab wrapped in rice and covered with a thin layer of beef. They also offer soups, oysters, teriyaki beef and more.


Pleasure Pizza’s fun, surfey scene is great after a day at the beach with friends. Source:

Best Pizza: Pleasure Pizza

Located just a short walk from the beach in Capitola, Pleasure Pizza is a popular choice, especially on Tuesdays. Pleasure Pizza offers $1 cheese pizza slices every Cheesy Tuesday. Pleasure Pizza is a great choice when you find yourself starving during your next beach day.

Best BBQ: Mission Street BBQ

Be sure to get to Mission Street BBQ in Santa Cruz early, because they often sell out their delectable array of barbecued meats. Among the favorites are the pulled pork, tri tip and ribs. You can order these meats in a salad, sandwich or on a plate with your choice of sides.

Best Taco: El Palomar

If you want to skip the time consuming sit down style in the main part of El Palomar in Santa Cruz, head to the taco bar in the back. Students enjoy the fast, affordable and delicious nature of the taco bar. They offer tacos with tender meat and fresh ingredients. Head down on Taco Tuesday and enjoy a $2 taco.


A deliciously juicy Betty Burger is filling and scrumptious. Source:

Best Burger: Betty Burgers

Betty Burger’s three locations speak for the popularity of the restaurant. If you are on 41st Ave, Seabright Ave or Pacific Ave in Santa Cruz, stop in and try a student favorite. Favorites include the Big Betty and Texas Two Step. Texas Two Step is a burger topped with onions rings, bacon, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce. Betty Burgers uses only all natural beef and offers the option of a gluten-free bun.

Try Something New: Café Brasil

You can’t miss it – the brightly painted green and yellow building nestled on Mission St. in Santa Cruz. This building is home to some student’s favorite South American cuisine. The most popular choice is their famous açai bowls. Açai bowls are a refreshing mixture of açai smoothie, granola, fresh bananas and sweet strawberries. They also offer many refreshingly healthy breakfast and lunch options including omelets, tofu stir fry and banana pancakes.


-Paloma Auldridge

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