AP tests are steadily approaching; take a deep breath and read these tips!

Whether anyone likes to admit it or not, AP testing is approaching fast; most students are frantic because the pressure is on! Here are some tips to calm your nerves and help you get through the AP testing experience smoothly.
Make sure to go online (https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/) and check out the policies and items you will need to bring for exam day, such as: pencils, pens, photo I.D., and possibly a calculator. These items can either make or break you and is very important to remember the little things, for example: batteries for your calculator. You want to have a clear mind during the test and forgetting something may prevent that. Panic is your enemy when it comes to testing, and coming prepared is a confidence tactic.
Before you head into the testing room make sure you are familiar with the test structure. Take advantage of the information they give you and start thinking about how you will

Having your supplies together before you go to take your test is a lot less stressful. Source: http://www.tutorfox.com

split up your time per section. Also, if you go online you will be able to look at how they score that particular test, which can be very resourceful knowledge. A watch (no alarms or beeping) is highly recommended because you may not be able to see the clock from where you are sitting. This way you will be able to keep track and keep yourself at a comfortable steady pace.

Studies have shown that it is ineffective if you study the night before a major exam. Different study techniques vary per student, but repeating and going over information days before is an effective way to learning and memorizing key facts. Having a clean desk with a well lighten room has show to be a sufficient tool in studying for tests. As well as, taking breaks often
Everyone knows that sleep helps the body perform during tests, and this tip should not be taken lightly and is the most important. Getting a good nights sleep is just as important as the test itself. Without much sleep, you have a higher chance of performing poorly. Not only does our body rely greatly on sleep, but sleep helps our body set in new information which affects our memory. Make sure you are well rested and arrive on time. If you arrive early, you will be less stressed which is a good way to begin the test.
Feel free to write on the test and make it your own, by crossing out wrong answers, and underline key words to help you focus and to not let your mind drift. Right when you receive the test, do a quick scan and look at the different sections, number them from easiest to most difficult, and go in that order. These tests are very time sensitive, so make sure you you answer the ones you know first incase you run out of time. The multiple choice penalty has been canceled, so answer all the questions. The multiple choice section is only based on the number of questions correct, so even if you don’t know them or don’t have much time left, answer them.
If you still are worried or unsure about taking this test, there are practice tests online to help you review the material. Also, teachers are there to help, and you can ask them for guidance or tips and extra review. SLV Claw wishes you the best on your AP tests!
-Jessica Holle

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