Senior Profile: London Murray, star of the academic and theatrical world of SLVHS

The stunning London Murray: star in academics, theater, and someday Broadway productions or Teen Wolf. source:
The stunning London Murray: star in academics, theater, and someday Broadway productions or Teen Wolf. source:

The name London Murray is very well known in the San Lorenzo Valley. She is the star of many performances at SLV, as well as a helping hand to anyone who needs it. London is a name that many associate with kindness, a smile, and a huge heart. Now with London’s silky smooth voice and dazzling smile, it is no surprise she is majoring in Theatre. Next year London will be attending the prestigious Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. The reasoning behind her choice? She felt as if this field had everything she wanted and more. There seemed like no other option once she stepped foot onto the campus.

The Footloose cast. Source:
The Footloose cast. Source:

Theatre is certainly a logical choice for London’s major since she has participated in eight shows over her high school career, four of them being through the high school. Out of all these parts London said her favorite character to play was the lead character, Sally Bowles, in Cabaret. She said that this was her favorite character to play because she got explore someone who was totally opposite of her personality. “The most amazing thing about theater, for me, is that one gets to see the world through someone else’s eyes. It gives one a broader understanding of the world, and it also gives one the opportunity to explore parts of their psyche he or she didn’t even know existed. It’s pretty cool.” Her dream television show to star in is Teen Wolf, stating that  “starring opposite Dylan O’Brien wouldn’t be too bad.” Furthermore, being an avid Harry Potter fan, the country she most wants to visit is the United Kingdom, mostly because, when she was little, she fantasized about going to Hogwarts.

After school London wants to pursue her dream of acting, whether it is on broadway or in the  film industry, but being as optimistic as she is, she says that she would be happy wherever she ends up. While attending Oxy, the nickname for Occidental College, she plans to participate in a couple of dance troupes–another one of her many passions. Lastly, she hopes to start her own musical theatre group on campus! London is extremely excited for her life after school; however, before she leaves, she has a little advice for the under classmen: she says, “Get a good night sleep. The world won’t come crashing down if you don’t finish that one assignment right now. Try and relax and catch some z’s — trust me, you’ll need them.”

– Sam Van Pykeren


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