Maddy Cope discusses softball and academics at SLV

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Photo: MVP Photography

SLV Girls Softball is on the final stretch home and is led by Senior Maddy Cope. Cope has been playing softball for about fourteen years. Cope, being one of the seniors on the team, has taken a leadership role on the Varsity girls softball team. When asked about her experiences on the team this year she said, “I have really enjoyed playing softball this year. I love creating bonds with my teammates and working together each day, getting better and creating everlasting memories.”

Cope, when asked about her overall experiences with softball, responded enthusiastically: “I have learned a tremendous amount about myself and the game. I have gained leadership skills, responsibility, determination, and so many other skills that will be very useful for me throughout my life.”

When asked about some of her challenges she said, “One of our hardest games was playing Soquel in the first half of our season. It was hard in the sense that we had to really make sure we picked our team up and ourselves if we made a mistake, and not dwell on them. We came out with a 4-3 win, but it wasn’t easy. We had to fight every inning and keep pushing until the end. It challenged us in a really good way. It was a proud moment to show that we were a strong team with really talented players.”

The softball team also has a chance to make it to CCS. When asked if they would be ready for CCS, Cope said, “As of right now, our team is focused on finishing our season games and continuing to work hard towards those, and hopefully coming out with some wins. But when the time comes, and we are in CCS, I feel our team will be prepared mentally and physically for the games, taking one day at a time.”

Along with her status as a great softball player, Cope excels in her schoolwork and other extracurricular activities. She will be attending Sonoma State University and will major in psychology, but she says “Everything may change when I get to college. Once I’m there and am enrolled in different classes, I may find something I am more passionate about. I am open to trying new things.”

Cope, when asked about softball after high school said that she hasn’t decided on if she will join a team, college team or intramural team, or if she will focus on school her first year of college.According to Cope, her biggest accomplishment this year has been “… balancing school, sports, and other activities. Senior year comes with many decisions and stressful assignments, but being able to finish strongly.” Cope has been not only a great athlete, but student as well, and these impressive skills will help her wherever the future takes her.

By Andy Wise

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