Boys Golf team puts up good fight throughout season and reflects positively on year

The boys golf season is coming to an end as they approach the end of the school year. The league finals start this week at Pasatiempo. Sophomore Blake Kuehl says, “I expect our team to do fairly well at league finals. I know we are not the best team in the league, but we are good enough to put up a good fight.”

There are ten people on the golf team this year, and there are not any designated captains for the team. The team has won four matches this year. The team practices at the Boulder Creek Golf Course.

Coach Mercer said that they have two separate teams: the competitive team and the practice team. The kids that are on the practice team are there to just play golf for fun or to practice and get better because they are not ready for competition. Coach Mercer would love to have more boys join the team next year. He would also like the boys that just play for fun to join the competitive team.

Blake Kuehl says, “Our season could have gone better, but we all had a lot of fun playing golf for fun, competing, and getting to know each other better.”

Blake Kuehl says, “There weren’t very many people on the team this year. I just hope that next year there will be more guys who are interested in golf that come play with us.”

The boys have enjoyed their year, even though they may have not been first in league. They enjoyed having the time to play together and look forward to the seasons to come.

By Wyatt Atchley

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