Tommy Chestnut discusses high school career and ambitions for the future

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Photo: Sarah Williams

This is Tommy Chestnut’s first year as the Captain of the swim team, but Tommy has been swimming for three years now. He enjoys swimming and getting to know his teammates better.

Chestnut says, “I’m gonna miss is being accepted by most of the grades. I will also miss being on the pool deck.”

“My favorite memory of high school is being on the water polo team.” says Chestnut. His favorite coach was Matt Troxell, or as everyone calls him, Camo.

Chestnut plans on attending Cabrillo for at least three years and then attending a college on the East coast for at least two years. Chestnut would rather play water polo in college than swim because he prefers water polo. He finds swim very tedious.

Chestnut wants to major in Business and he has been considering joining the military. Chestnut has also been considering going into politics.

Chestnut’s favorite teacher is Mr. Christiansen. He enjoys his class and his teaching style. He also enjoys Mr. Sutcliffe’s English class.

Chestnut would like to move to Maine after college. Chestnut has been thinking about being a lobster catcher. He has been looking into a certain place in Maine called Bar Harbor.

Chestnut would really enjoy experiencing four seasons: “Living in California I only get to experience two seasons summer and winter. While in Maine I get to enjoy all four of the seasons.”

Chestnut plans on going to a college somewhere around Maine after his three years at Cabrillo. Another reason Chestnut would like to move to Maine is because it is a lot cheaper there compared to California.

Chestnut is sure to be successful wherever his life takes him.

By Wyatt Atchley

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