What did your fellow students do for Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s Day is a national day of love and to show the people in your life that you care about them. This day is not just for couples, it is for everyone. Everyone spends this holiday differently, something we can directly see in how people at are school have such varying plans.


Question: “What are your plans for Valentine’s Day”


Max Noble (Freshman): “I will be having a picnic with my girlfriend and bring her all her favorite foods and give her flowers”


Faith Hovey (Sophomore): “I’m going out to dinner with my sisters in Santa Cruz.”


Samantha Cowham (Sophomore): “I have a cheer competition on the 15th so I will be packing and then watching sappy love and Valentine’s Day movie”


Sienna Daven-Thomas (Junior): “I have a martial arts test that evening. After that I am going to watch a movie and go to bed”


Gabe Firpotriplett (Junior): “I’m going to see the movie 50 Shades of Grey, most likely with my girlfriend”


Hannah Kersten (Senior): “I’m not sure what Ryland and I will be doing, but in years past we have gone hiking to a spot overlooking the valley and the year before we had a picnic dinner”

Walter Russell (Senior): “I will be doing absolutely nothing”

-Amanda Rinnert

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