The NBA Moves Towards the Playoffs

Written by Carter Cox (Sports Editor)

Stephen Curry, the point guard for the Golden State Warriors, is now on an 11 game streak for consecutive 30 point games breaking Kobe Bryant’s record of ten games from a player older than 33. The streak began after the 2 time MVP took 5 games off due to a bruised tailbone. The incredible streak may be enough to earn him a third MVP trophy and the Warriors a spot in the playoffs. The lowest amount of points he scored in all 11 games is 32 points and only 4 losses in all 11 games. The Golden State Warriors now sit in ninth place of the western conference with a record of 29 wins and 30 losses just behind the Memphis Grizzlies who have 29 wins and 28 losses. 

Even though the Warriors are on a hot streak just behind the Grizzlies, the Utah Jazz continues to dominate the western conference and the rest of the league. Currently, the Utah Jazz has 44 wins and 15 losses. In the second place, the competition gets closer with the Phoenix Suns, 42-16, and the Los Angeles Clippers, 42-19. Fourth in the west is the Denver Nuggets with a record of 38-20. Fifth in the west is the Los Angeles Lakers with a record of 35-23. And in sixth place are the Portland Trail Blazers with a record of 32-26. In the East, the competition is a little closer with the Philadelphia 76ers in first with a record of 39-19. The Brooklyn Nets are in second place with a record of 39-20. The Muwaki Bucks are in third place with a record of 35-22. In fourth place is the New York Knicks with a record of 33-27. The Atlanta Hawks are in fifth place with a record of 32-27 and the Boston Celtics are in sixth place with a record of 31-27. 

The playoffs start May 22nd but until then who will be the next Mvp. For the Next MVP according to ESPN Nikola Jokic currently leads in player ranking this year. He has an average of 26 points per game, 9 assists per game, 11 rebounds per game, and a .568 field goal percentage per game. Currently, Stephen Curry is in 6th place according to ESPN even though Curry averages 31 points per game, 6 assists per game. Even though curry is 33 he still has a great chance of being the next MVP.

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