SLVHS Students Share on Their Halloween Costume Ideas This Year

Written by Ashli Trageser (Features Writer)

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic still wreaking havoc on our country, traditional Halloween festivities such as trick-or-treating are very much up in the air. Participating in such activities is strongly advised against this year due to the current circumstances, however there is one Halloween tradition that seems to be keeping it’s popularity this year- dressing up in Halloween costumes. Whether it’s a creepy costume or a character from your favorite cartoon, the students of SLV are getting creative with dressing up this year to fill the gap that Covid-19 left on this popular holiday. 

“I’ve always loved halloween, so the fact that we can’t do much for it this year was pretty upsetting to me. At first, I had thought that I wasn’t going to dress up because I wouldn’t be able to do much anyway, but because I enjoy doing it, I decided that I was going to cosplay a character from a horror podcast that I’ve gotten into recently. I’m hoping to hang out with some friends (while socially distancing, of course), but even if it turns out I’m not able to, just dressing up is enough to make me happy,” stated optimistic Freshman Reese Rosenquist. “Just doing something together if we are able to hangout or not is super important to keep our sanity. Just little things to keep us happy. We’re looking forward to something and we’ve been planning this for a while,” added Dallas Freeland, a Junior who also plans on getting into costume on the 31st. 

Crisis or not, SLVHS is a school with spirit, and there’s no argument there. Whether or not we’re participating in online school, SLVHS students will continue to look towards the positive in these trying times, even if it’s something as simple as dressing up for Halloween.

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