What SLVHS Students Are Planning on Doing This COVID Ridden Halloween

Written by Kayla Hoffman (Features Writer)

When COVID-19 first hit, we as a nation did not expect it to last as long as it has. But now, we are approaching Halloween, a time of year many people favor out of the holiday season. This year, there is much debate on whether or not children should be allowed to participate in Halloween Festivities, more specifically Trick-or-Treating. The topic has been highly debated about whether or not it’ll be safe to hand out candy to children, even if masks and gloves are on. 

With the confusion of this issue still floating around, people are beginning to come up with replacements for Trick-or-Treating. Kayla Lammers, a freshman at SLVHS, explains her plans by saying, “My family is doing a scavenger hunt. We are starting in the house and making our way to the back by following clues, then outside we will use flashlights and find the hidden candies. My sisters love the Easter egg hunt so we came up with a spooky candy hunt. I don’t think that they are affected by not going out, they both got costumes, we will eat candy and watch some movies. It’s like a movie night but they get to dress up and run around in the dark. If anything I think this is a more fun tradition than the normal trick or treating.” 

While Kayla’s family is optimistic about the changes associated with Halloween, families without younger children are feeling a little bleak about the oncoming changes with Halloween. “My Dad usually does a big event with his baseball team and due to Covid, that can’t happen this year. My street doesn’t see many trick-or-treaters but it’s sad that we won’t even be able to see and do all of our ‘normal’ traditions. This year, my family and I are just going to eat tacos like we did last year.” says Taylor Kittle, a sophomore. While new ways of fun are being introduced to those of a younger age range, lots of regular Halloween parties and gatherings are being canceled for older teenagers and adults. 

A positive viewpoint is very refreshing to hear, especially when it comes to things like having to change holiday traditions like Halloween, a common favorite amongst people. Looking at these changes in tradition from a positive perspective is really the key to enjoying the holidays to the fullest this year. It may not be normal, however, if we set a good example of social distancing for younger kids, this will potentially help lessen the spread of not just COVID-19.

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