What Is The Best Halloween Candy?

Halloween, other known as the best night of the year; is filled with fun and laughter. The  best part of this spooky, spectacular night is the candy. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll get a good idea of what kind of candy to get or not get for your friends and family this upcoming Halloween!

There are so many different types of candy and sometimes it can difficult to decide on one candy that is better than the rest. Although there are so many kinds of candies, most all fall into these three categories: sweet candy, sour candy, and chocolate. The only way to find out which candy is the best overall was to conduct a poll. Mr. Darr’s third period class picked sour candy as their favorite Halloween treat. Sour candy had 19 votes, to make it the winner. In second place came chocolate, with nine votes overall. Close behind chocolate came the sweet candy, with five votes.

Kade Spittler, a sour candy voter, said that his favorite candies are Sour Patch Kids. “Sour Patch Kids are my favorite. I don’t get many of them during Halloween. They are my favorite because they are sour, then sweet, and then sour, just like my dad.”  Most of the other sour candy voters agreed with Kade, that Sour Patch Kids are the best. Since sour candy was voted to be the best type of candy, it can be assumed that Sour Patch Kids rule the candy world at this point in time, at least in Mr. Darr’s third period class.

Chocolate was in second place for the candy vote. Shay Monowitz had a few things to say about his favorite Halloween chocolate, Reeses. “My favorite chocolates are Reeses. The creamy peanut butter combined with the rich chocolate is a delicacy for all ages. Unfortunately, it is not as common for halloween as one would like, it averages around five Reeses a night.” Shay, along with many others agreed with him, but a few disagreed and love the Halloween special Kit-Kat, made with orange colored chocolate to help celebrate the fun night.

Bruce Rubaker, who very confidently chose sweet candy to be his favorite had a few things to say about his favorite candy. “I like Swedish Fish because they’re good and I’m fat. I don’t get a lot of them during halloween, so I just buy them at Johnnies (a supermarket located in Boulder Creek).” Bruce loves Sweedish Fish any time of the year, but he says that on Halloween they just taste better. Sweet candy, with only five class votes, is still on everyone’s Halloween lists because although they are not many people’s favorites, they still have their place.

Halloween is the best night of the year to eat some good candy, so now, knowing the class opinions on candy, you can maybe try something new or just stick to a classic favorite. Not all Halloween candy is created equal. Whether you’re into sour gummies or dark chocolates, playing favorites is nearly impossible when you’re trick-or-treating or just buying some candy for the fun night. So now this Halloween, you will have a clear idea of what people’s favorite candies are. Sour candy, coming on the top in the vote, is liked by most. So, have a safe and fun Halloween, with the right candy in hand to give to others!

By Atara Miller


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