Creepy Cookies, Candy Corn Rice Krispies & Jack O’ Lantern chocolate ice cream bowls for Halloween Leisure

With Halloween coming around the corner, we need to start making fun and cute treats!  Here are some recipes you can use to spice up your Halloween, including the following recipes Creepy Cookies, Candy Corn Rice Krispies treats, and finally Jack O’ Lantern chocolate ice cream bowls. Hope you enjoy!

Creepy Cookiez

By Pamela Shank


1/2 cup butter, softened

3/4 cup sugar

1 large egg

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt


3-3/4 cups confectioners’ sugar

1/4 cup shortening

4 to 6 tablespoons water

Yellow, orange, green and black paste food coloring, optional


  1. In a large bowl, beat butter and sugar until light and blended. Beat in egg and vanilla. In another bowl, whisk flour, baking powder and salt; gradually beat into creamed mixture. Shape dough into two portions. Shape each into a disk; wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate 1 hour or until firm enough to roll.

  2. Preheat oven to 350°. On a lightly floured surface, roll each portion of dough to 1/4-in. thickness. Cut with floured 2-1/2 in. Halloween-shaped cookie cutters. Place 2 in. apart on ungreased baking sheets. Bake 8-10 minutes or until edges are light brown. Remove from pans to wire racks to cool completely

  3. In a large bowl, beat confectioners’ sugar, shortening and enough water to reach spreading consistency. Tint frosting and decorate as desired. Let stand until set.


Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats

By  Glorious treats



4 1/2 cups rice krispies cereal

5 cups mini marshmallows

3 tablespoons butter

Yellow food coloring


2 3/4 cups rice krispies cereal

3 1/2 cups mini marshmallows

2 tablespoons butter

Orange food coloring


2 cups rice krispies cereal

2 1/2 cups mini marshmallows

2 tablespoons butter


2 large bowls (one must be microwave safe)

two rubber spatulas

two 8″ cake pans

non-stick cooking spray

Stick of butter


Spray the cake pans with non-stick spray and set aside. Also, lightly spray two rubber spatulas with cooking spray.

Add 5 cups mini marshmallows and 3 tablespoons butter to a large, microwave safe bowl.

Microwave the butter and marshmallows about 3 minutes, or until warm and very puffy.

In another large bowl, measure 4 1/2 cups rice krispies cereal.

Carefully remove marshmallows from microwave and add yellow food coloring.

Stir the melted marshmallows, butter and coloring until smooth and fully combined. Immediately, pour the marshmallow mixture into the bowl with the cereal. Use an oiled spatula and stir quickly until fully incorporated.

Divide yellow rice krispie mixture between the two cake pans, and use your hands to create a “ring” around the inside edge of the cake pan (as shown below), about 1 1/2 inches wide. Repeat the same process with the ingredients for the orange ring, and then the white center.

Once your three colors are pressed into the pans, allow to fully cool and set, at least 30 minutes. Cut the round large round in half, then quarters, then cut each quarter in half.

To add a cookie stick to the bottom of the rice krispie treat.

Jack O’ Lantern Bowl

By Lauren Miyashiro


3 cups white chocolate chips

Orange food coloring

4 balloons

Melted chocolate chips (transferred to a small ziplock)

Vanilla ice cream  

Orange and Black Sprinkles


  1. Inflate 4 small balloons to desired size. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Set aside.
  2. Pour white chocolate chips into a large microwave-safe bowl and add 4 to 5 drops orange food coloring. Heat in microwave in 30-second intervals, until the chocolate is melted and smooth.
  3. Working one at a time, dip the bottom of each balloon into the chocolate, rolling it around to make sure all sides are evenly coated. Transfer to parchment paper lined baking sheet to set for at least 1 hour. Repeat to make 3 more bowls.Once the bowls are set, very carefully pipe jack-o-lantern faces with the melted chocolate. Let set another 5 minutes.
  4. Pop balloons and remove them from the bowls. Scoop ice cream inside and serve immediately.

In conclusion, all these treats are super fun to make. Also you’ll have tasty treats to eat and a fun time making them. We asked some students which treat looked the best at a glimpse and the majority thought the Jack O’ Lantern Bowl was the winner. Hope you can create and enjoy these treats this Halloween.

By Sabrina ValldeRuten and Karla Struthers

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