A Look at the Start Up of the NHL Season

Written by Micheal Finley (Sports Writer)

The new season is just starting up and some of the top NHL rookie players would be Alexis Lafreniere, Tim Stuetzle, Kirill Kaprizov, Trevor Zegras. I think Alexis Lafreniere will be one of the top rookies of the year, he has had an amazing ending to last season and will hopefully have an amazing start to this season. Currently, he plays for the New York Rangers, he’s 19 and left-handed. He was drafted first round first pick by the New York rangers. In college, he had a total of 112 points in 52 games. He won hockey’s Most Valuable Player and player of the year two times in a row. In three seasons he scored 297 points in 173 games. He’s a very confident player and is looking like he’s going to be doing well for the New York Rangers this season.

Another rookie that I’m looking to do good is Kirill Kaprizov. He plays for the Minnesota Wilds, left-handed, and is 23. In the 2015 draft, he was the 5th round draft pick and 135th pick. He Impressed a lot of people in the first practice with the Wilds Including some of his cool teammates. He recently came from Russia to the United States just to play for the Wilds And just this week started practicing with them.

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