How Some People are Surviving While Being Quarantined

Written by Sierra Bullock (Features Writer)

Our country, along with many others, are experiencing many difficulties due to the new disease, coronavirus. We are currently in a shelter-in-place order until at least May 3rd. COVID-19 is a virus that originated from China and has spread to other countries. A large number of people are suffering or have passed away from the disease. Because Coronavirus spreads very easily, our community is practicing social distancing as best as we can, only leaving our homes for essentials and staying at least six feet apart from people we do encounter with. Through this trying time people are struggling to find ways to stay occupied and active. Everyone is overwhelmed with boredom and is left struggling to find things to keep themselves busy while still practicing social distancing. 

People are doing many different activities and some people are doing absolutely nothing and using this as a time to relax which has been needed. It seems that there are mixed feelings about this quarantine period. Some people are very upset because they enjoy being active and are very social. These people said they would rather be at school still and are very upset it was canceled. Other people are feeling completely opposite about this situation and are very happy that we have a break! These people are less social and are happy to have the load of school lifted off of them, giving them lots of time to sleep and rest now.

When asked, people said they are using some of these activities to cure their boredom or at least try to. Many different people are dyeing their hair different colors such as pink, purple, blue, and red while a lot of boys are shaving their heads. People are exercising and working out at home, as well as going on runs. People are also gardening as well as doing yard work. Many people have been tanning outside because of the warm weather we have been having! I have found that many are doing things they wouldn’t usually do with their families such as going on drives, cooking, baking, and some more.

Someone said “ I have been very bored during quarantine. I am happy to have the break from going to school but it would be better if I could be with my friends, I miss them a lot. Quarantine was okay at first but it is getting old. I am catching up on all the Netflix series but you can only watch Netflix for so long then you get bored of it. Other than that, I just try to walk my dogs and do a workout everyday. I have also made dinner for my family because why not? What else do I honestly have to do?”

Someone else said “I enjoyed quarantine at first, but I am now getting bored of it. I miss my friends and quarantine would honestly be great if I could see them. I am trying to fill my days until this is over by watching lots of Netflix and baking. I even dyed my hair, which I regret a little bit! I wish I could say I workout, but I really do not. Quarantine is a time to relax for me, and I am a little too lazy for exercising, besides going on walks with my dog.”

Quarantine is an interesting time for everyone, especially because nothing like this has happened before, so it takes some time to get used to it. Everyone is finding different ways to cope with the situation and fill their times in different ways!

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