SLV Girls Softball Aims for the Top

While intimidation kicks into playing a team ranked 2nd in CCS. The SLV girls softball team will face Clairemont high school in their second game of the tournament after they mercy ruled Leigh high school with a total of 13 runs by the 5th inning on the 25th. Zoe Mendez hitting 4-4 against Leigh has something to say about their next game. “Clairemont is by far the hardest team we will face this year in league and possibly CCS, this will be our stepping stone to see if we have what it takes.” Unfortunately, high school rules state that no players are allowed to participate in school games on Sunday, therefore having to push the tournament to next weekend where the games will be continued on the 7th. According to coach Mark Brown, this is the upcoming weeks schedule for the girls varsity. “ They had three games back to back before the tournament started, and practice everyday throughout spring break. Hopefully this prepares them for what people are saying ‘the hardest game in league so far’. As the varsity girls continue on their stellar record of 3-0 they are going to have to turn up the heat on upcoming games against Aptos and Scotts Valley. Team captain of the girls varsity, center fielder Jillian Francis has good things to say about their teams confidence. “ Whether we are undefeated or not, we need to go into these next games like they are our first, win or lose I know we are the better team, hopefully we come out of this with a victory.” Although there are many games to come in the future.

Meanwhile the SLV junior varsity girls have had a good set of games so far but a poor start due to half their games being rescheduled to rain and pitchers getting pulled up to varsity, this leaves the junior varsity in a difficult situation. Although the girls are 3-1 they will need to put in a lot of work to keep it up. Sarah Hanson says “ We have a good team considering the amount of freshman and sophomores that have pulled up to varsity, I can’t wait till we can all join up as one team and play.” Overall SLV seems to have a continued legacy of great softball players and a great program.

by Tyler Costere


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