AP art student interview: Chase Hart, his experiences and goals for the future

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Photo: Alissa Saylor

Many students at San Lorenzo Valley High School take part in an Advance Placement art class taught by Ms. Yurkovich. AP Studio Art is a rigorous art class designed to prepare students for a career in the arts, help them improve their technical skills and truly find themselves as artists. I had the opportunity to interview senior Chase Hart about his experience as a student participating in AP Studio Art.

Q: Have you enjoyed being a part of AP Studio Art this year?

A: I absolutely have. I especially enjoyed finishing a mural that will be up at the school in the near future.

Q: Have you learned anything new that you think is useful for your career as an artist?

A: AP Studio Art has helped me greatly in the art college application process. It has also taught me a lot about the art portfolio process.

Q: What is your background as an artist?

A: I’ve loved art all my life. At a young age I would draw for hours on end without breaking focus. In middle school I started taking off campus art classes to better my skills. At the end of my sophomore year I signed up for AP Studio Art to improve my portfolio for college. I’ve really enjoyed the freedom that was given in the AP class. I got to express my thoughts how ever I pleased, within my concentration.

Q: What kind of art do you identify with the most?

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Photo: Alissa Saylor

A: Realism fading into Surrealism

Q: What art do you enjoy creating the most?

A: Graphite is my favorite medium

Q: Who is your favorite artist and why?

A: I don’t have a favorite artist I love a lot of art, but Alex Grey is an amazingly detailed artist that is special in my opinion.

Q: What is your dream project?

A: To design a tattoo for myself.

Q: What sort of advice would you give to other students who are interested in taking AP Studio Art?

A: Work on completing works of art on a faster pace. During the second semester you are expected to finish a piece a week.

Q: How long have you been interested in doing art?

A: Since I could hold a pencil according to my mom.

Q:  What is your favorite piece of art that you have created this year in AP Studio Art? How long did it take?

A: My most favorite piece I’ve done this year would be a mixed media redwood tree with a face woven into the bark.

Q: Do you see yourself being an artist for the rest of your life?

A: Yes, my dream is to have a career in art. Graphic design is an option that has interested me.

Q: Where is your dream school?

A: Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design

Q: How does art make you feel?

A: My art makes me feel really proud of myself at times and at other times it makes me feel judgement towards my work.

Q: Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years?

A: In 10 years I would like to have a bachelors of fine arts. Also I would like to have worked in my field for some time funding a business of my own.

Q: What do you like the most about art?

A: Art is my passion because it allows me to say how I feel without ever saying a word.

Q: What do you like the least about doing art?

A: Sometimes it makes my hand hurt.

Q: Why do you think that supporting the arts is so important in schools?

A: Supporting art in schools is important because the option of expressing yourself in different ways should be given to students who don’t know that they are an artist or students who want to improve their skills.

By Alissa Saylor

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