Need some tips for studying? Well look no further

As final exams come ever closer with the end of the semester approaching, so does the stressful experience of cramming. The pressure that is tied in with finals creates stress, which doesn’t help you study or review everything you’ve learned in the past months. Studying is extremely important to your success during finals, and utilising some helpful study tips could benefit your grades on your finals. These study tips are designed to help with all aspects of revision.  

Review and Organization

At SLVHS, cornell notes are the standard method of note taking in most classes. Cornell notes are made for easy review, and are a better way to memorize the information without over stuffing your brain that you will be unable to retain.Try and write simple sentences or phrases that will stick in your brain to remember important details of your notes. The most crucial thing to studying your notes is making sure that they’re organized and are formated in a way that you are able to quickly understand and review. Having a binder or folder for each of your classes can help you to organize the papers and assignments you may not know where to put.

Places To Go

For studying, always go to a comfortable and quiet spot that will leave you free of distractions that keeps  your mind on your work. School and public libraries offer a safe and interruption free place to study, and are always a good option for a study spot as they have lots of extra materials to revise with. Having an environment where you can be left in peace can help you clear your head and give yourself one important task to accomplish. Study frequently in a place where interruptions are rare.

Time management

Procrastination and time management are two major things that affect the way you study and learn. Always review your notes and work at least a day before an important test or quiz. Having a study plan makes things like cramming almost nonexistent and can help you organise your already busy schedule. Try and study almost everyday, possibly an hour after getting home, or after you do your homework to refresh your mind. Make a calendar or set an alarm for how long and how often you are going to study.

Classroom Benefits

Being at school everyday, and listening to your teacher, makes reviewing and studying easier. Don’t stress when missing a day of school, but make sure to get your work as soon as possible in order to finish it on time and get notes from a classmate. Participate every chance you get in a classroom, especially on topics you don’t quite understand, so you can get clarification. Positivity affects the way you feel about a class or certain assignment, and going into a class, you should always enjoy the time in the class, and be listening to everything the teacher has to say.

Learning Style

The way you learn is important to how you study. Your learning style dictates the things you should focus more on when studying. If you prefer hearing to your notes, then record yourself reading them and playing it back to yourself. Visual learners should highlight and color their notes that they deem important for their studying, tactile learners should practice doing what their notes are about.

Study Group

Having a group of people who are doing the same classes and same tests as you are is a great asset to your studying. Make sure to get people who are willing to work with you in a serious manner. Being surrounded by people who can help you, like in our school’s AOS after school tutoring, is a way to learn more, by working with other people who may have different notes than you. Studying is a necessity to passing classes, and will help you get through high school with less stress.


Flashcards are an easy and more creative way to study. Being able to personalize and decorate the cards as you please makes the process of studying more enjoyable. They could be filled with questions, statements, or singular words that help you study more easily. Having a set of flashcards you can whip out when needed is the smart way to go about studying, especially as they are portable so you can study anywhere. There are plenty of stores, apps and websites that provide blank flash cards you can fill out in order to study more effectively.

By Emily Carlton

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