A Close to a Fantastic Running Season

The guys starting off another race.  Photo From: Facebook
The guys starting off another race.
Photo From: Facebook

The Cross Country league-season has come to an end, and now it is time to focus on the post-season; both the boy and girl’s teams qualified for CCS, and are already training hard and looking to win. This win could mean the 12th CCS Championship for the girls, and the 4th for the boys.

The most exciting event for Cross Country this month has certainly been the S.C.C.A.L. Championships on November 7th. The Varsity girl’s team took a close second behind Aptos, while the Varsity boy’s team earned third place behind Scott’s Valley (first place) and Aptos (second place). This meet has proven the dedication of the runners and has sent them to CCS. Anna Maxwell ran the best time of all Varsity girls, with her end time of 16:30, and Claire MacMillan had the fourth best time at 17:45. Also on girl’s Varsity was Abbey Meck at 18:52, Jessica Jensen at 18:57, Katie Lamb with 19:37, Abby Sherman with 20:11 and Jessica Germany ending with a time of 20:26. On boy’s Varsity was: Eli Young, taking 13th place, with a time of 16:32 and Jacob Hicks in 15th place with 16:34. Also running was Matt Abernathy with 16:48, Jacob Anderson with 17:18, Alejandro Corona at 17:25, Mairo Kuntze at 17:42, and Connor Lydon finishing at 18:05.

The J.V. girls took first place of three teams: S.L.V, Scott’s Valley (second place), and Aptos (third place). The J.V. boys took last place of three teams: Aptos (first place), Scott’s Valley (second place), and then S.L.V., but was not far behind. Anna Maxwell was excited to say, “It was great to see the J.V. team went out with a bang… I think we all have overcome a lot of challenges this year, and CCS and State will be our chance to prove how strong those challenges made us.”

Girls Varsity at Mt. Sac. Photo From: Facebook
Girls Varsity at Mt. Sac.
Photo From: Facebook

Another heart-stopping event for the Cross Country team this month was the Mt. Sac Cross Country Invitational on a three-mile track; coach Thea Jorgenson was pleased to announce, “Our kids ran fabulously! The race was exciting the whole time, and I’m more than proud of every one of these runners.” Both SLV boys and girls Varsity took first place in their races. Anna Maxwell took first place out of 140 girls with a time of 16:56, and Claire MacMillan took sixth place with a time of 18:31. Abbey Meck ended with a time of 18:58, Jessica Jensen with 19:10, Abby Sherman with 20:24, Katie Lamb at 20:30, and Jessica Germany with a time of 20:52. In the boy’s race, Jacob Hicks took third place with a time of 16:22, and Matt Abernathy took 12th place, finishing with a time of 17:04. Eli Young took home a time of 17:05, Jacob Anderson had 17:37, Mairo Kuntze was at 18:30, Alejandro Corona with 18:40, and Mitchell San José with a respectable time of 18:47.

As of now, November 13th, the team is training for CCS (on November 16th) and the State Championships. The girls are aiming for their 12th CCS championship, and the boys have their eyes on their 4th. They dedicate much of their time to extra training for the meets ahead of them, and “it would be a sweet ending the cross country season if we brought home another championship,” said coach Rob Collins proudly.

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