What was Trending During this School Year?

Written by James Carlos (Features Writer)

This past year was undoubtedly a very interesting year for most of us. We have had many things happen, many of which I am sure you know about but we have also had many types of trends that have happened this year as well. In this article, we will take a look at what trends the past year has brought us and what some SLV seniors think about them. 

Over the past school year, there have been some interesting trends such as the rise of a cryptocurrency over the past year. I have asked a senior who would like to remain anonymous what they thought of the sudden rise of cryptos such as bitcoin and they said “It was insane, I always thought bitcoin would be worth a lot of money but I never thought it would be worth that much.” I asked another senior what his favorite trend was over the past school year and they stated: “Well it is not much of a trend but I really enjoyed being able to go to school without even leaving the bed.” The next person I interviewed said this about the past year: “It has had its ups and down and the fact that we got through this means we can get through anything.” This is a great positive outlook on the past year as it does mean we can accomplish a lot and overcome issues. 

Overall this year has been really hard on all of us but there have been good things that have come as a result of it as we have new experiences overcoming problems plus many trends that have come out of it.

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