Fun Things to do in Santa Cruz and the San Jose Area as the days get Warmer

Written by Lio Rowan (Features Writer)

Summer is fast approaching, the skies are clearing and it’s just getting hotter and hotter every day. Schools end on June 3rd, we are so close to freedom! Finals are around the corner too. Make sure to study hard so you can play hard!  Now that people are getting vaccinated, places are opening back up. Surely there will be something to keep us occupied this summer. Let us get through a list of some activities that are open during the summer.

Starting strong, the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. A classic place to go to with friends and family. With rides, food, prizes, and beach access; the Boardwalk is an excellent place to spend those hot summer days. On their official website, they have an update on Covid-19 precautions. To our luck, the boardwalk will be open Friday through Sunday. However, the rides may be limited, with some being closed for safety precautions. The capacity has also been lowered. They recommend making your reservation ahead of time via buying online wristbands. Easy enough and you’re guaranteed fewer lines and more fun! And if you’re looking for a summer job, the Boardwalk is hiring! You can fill out their online application and make a little moola to spend this summer. So go to the Boardwalk and have a blast.

Speaking of the Boardwalk, the arcade is open daily! So you can have your fill of skee ball and car racing. Take your friends, little siblings, or even go alone and rack up your tickets! How exciting. You can get lunch at the boardwalk or even make it a double trip. It’s fun and easy, and with a summer job, you can afford way more tickets! Students at San Lorenzo are excited too. “I’ve been so hyped to go out again, can’t wait for school to be over.” said a freshman at our school. This summer can’t be stopped by a virus, as long as we stay safe and masked everything should be alright.

Last one for the Boardwalk, the bowling alley! The Boardwalk Bowl is right next to the arcade and Boardwalk, which makes it a perfect place for weekends. This summer, grab a group of friends and have a bowling party. Eat pizza, play arcade games in their arcade, and strike!  A wonderful way to spend the summer with friends. And they are hiring! As Covid-19 restrictions get lifted so do our spirits! It’s time to take back out summer, safely and responsibly.

Now let’s get out of Santa Cruz and get our waterpark on at Raging Waters San Jose. Their official opening is on June 12th, and it is going to be so much fun. Get a day pass, or even a whole season pass, and escape the California heat. With some pretty killer rides and pools, it’s the perfect way to spend your summer. Take a friend and float down the Lazy River. Or get shot straight down by their Bombs Away ride. You’ll never get bored. And they are not being stingy when it comes to safety guidelines. Masks are required, and of course, don’t go if you aren’t vaccinated. Social distancing is in place. But we can still have fun! Keeping the people around you, and yourself safe this summer is a top priority. However, we don’t have to forsake fun to do that.

Let’s see, what else can we do this summer. How about a beach bonfire? Sunset at 9 will be the start of some awesome beach hangouts. Maybe if you get together you can have a movie night. Or play some music and party the night away. Here are some beaches in the area that allow fires. Dockweiler Beach, Cabrillo Beach, twin lakes, Seabright Beach. These are just a couple. Be sure to do your own research to find closer beaches. But this is a great way to stay socially distanced. Everyone can stay safe and have fun!

It’s been a rough year of isolation and fear. Living through a pandemic has been pretty straining, and many of us have lost loved ones. Now that we are getting closer to everything being safe again, we can take back our lives. This summer will be fun and exciting! Because we deserve to relax. The school has been especially hard, and everyone has struggled. Remember to stay safe and stay masked until everyone is vaccinated. So that we don’t have to go through this all again. If we stop the spread we can be free from it. Have a great summer!

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