Who will be Running Against Governor Gavin Newsom in the Recall Election?

Written by Konnor Long (News Writer)

In recent months, a small and increasingly vocal minority has called on the state of California to recall Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

 According to California law, a recall election can take place if 12% of those who voted for said politician sign a petition calling for one. In early 2020, amid frustration towards California’s response to the pandemic, a Republican-devised petition was created.  By April, it had gained over 1,600,000 Signatures with the threshold being met in April.

When a recall election hits its threshold, officials will determine the cost of the recall election, and the state’s lieutenant governor we’ll determine the most appropriate date for the election. Unlike a standard election, this one has two parts. On Election Day oh, they will first be asked whether or not they want to recall Newsom. If more than 50% want to recall Newsom, then they will determine who gets to replace him. 

Orrin Heatlie, the former sheriff’s deputy provoked this campaign after having come out against Newsom’s response to undocumented immigrants, Covid-19 related lockdowns, and other social and Welfare programs. Recall organizers we’re heavily backed by Venture capitalists, end former Facebook executives. 

 Despite California’s primarily liberal status, Gavin Newsom’s popularity decreased significantly after it had been revealed that he attended a private dinner party Against his own lockdown measures. Other California residents became frustrated with and apparently poor response, for which California has seen the most deadly phase of the pandemic under Newsom’s order.

There have been dozens of unsuccessful gubernatorial recalls in recent decades — including against Arnold Schwarzenegger, and analysts believe that it’s unlikely that new some will be removed from office.

Candidates currently challenging the governor in hopes of claiming the position themselves include John Cox, Kevin Faulconer, and most recently Caitlyn Jenner. John Cox, who ran against Newsom and lost by a large margin in the 2018 general election, came out in light of recent events saying “For the Republican candidates running against the governor, it can raise their national profiles.”

Currently, there are no democratic candidates coming out in support of Newsom, nor is it apparent whether or not one will step up to run against Newsom in the event that he loses his status in a recall election.

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