A Review of Santa Cruz Skate Works

Written by James Carlos (Features Writer)

There are many things to do where we live and especially if you are the type who likes to shop since there are many stores, especially local businesses close to us. Local businesses are very important for our community and the financial health of our county which is why we like to show off some local businesses you might be interested in. The local business we are going to look into in this article is the Santa Cruz Skate Works. For all the skaters or people just thinking of trying to learn how do not shy away from this store. They are located on 131 Center street near downtown Santa Cruz and have been operating in Santa Cruz since 1988. One thing I have noticed at the Santa Cruz Skate Works is that the employees are very inclusive to new people trying to learn and they will help and explain pretty much anything you need to know about buying or building a board. As for their products, they have pretty much everything needed to build your perfect board such as wheels, trucks, and decks all of which are name brands at a decent price and will build your custom board for you. The Skate works also sponsors local roller derby leagues in Santa Cruz and Monterey so when you shop at Skate Works as well as most local businesses, you are supporting your community by helping these local leagues. If you are a skater or just interested in learning how to skate, then try shopping at Skate Works! 

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