A Rating of the Very Popular Video Game “Destiny 2”

Written by Lucas Hede (Features Writer)

Destiny 2 is an online first-person looter shooter created by Bungie Inc. A sequel to Destiny, Destiny 2 features PvP (player vs player) and PvE (player vs environment) content. With the initial release date being September 2017 the game is still able to stay alive and updated with a constant player base. Destiny went free-to-play 2 years after its release back in 2017, with yearly expansions being behind the paywall. The expansions come with new Exotic weapon quests, a new storyline, and new activities including raids and dungeons. Bungie also releases new seasons once every 4 months or so for content in between expansions. The newest season of Destiny 2 launched just this past Tuesday.

Destiny 2 offers many fun and engaging activities. There are three main core playlists, Vanguard Strikes, the Crucible, and Gambit. The strikes are PvE only where you go somewhere to locate and destroy a boss. Crucible and Gambit are PvP modes. There you can test your skill against other players with whatever guns you have obtained. These core playlists are where some quests take place and where you can start to get high-level guns and armor. There are also Raids and Dungeons. Raids being the most mechanically difficult thing in the game, are a 6 player activity. Dungeons being smaller, 3 man encounters very similar to raids. These offer a lot of loot incentives with exclusive weapons and armor. Destiny offers you 3 different classes to play, Hunter, Warlock, and Titan. Warlocks being more of a support class, Hunters being more like assassins, and Titans being more beefy and tanky. Each class offers a variety of exotic armor which has cool perks to play around with. 

After the latest update on Tuesday which added a new season, there are many new weapons, more armor customization, new activities, and much more. This season looks to be one of the better seasons Destiny 2 has had in a while due to the number of weapons to grind, the new activity is extremely fun, a new raid coming out on May 22nd, and much more. We aren’t even a week in and I can already tell this update is a good one. 

I asked my friend Evan Snyder what he thought about the new update and this is what he had to say. “From my experience playing the new update, I think it is one of the better seasons that has come out in the past year. The changes, not only in a new form of content but also the significantly better customization optimizations make excellent additions to the game.”

My personal experience with the game has been really fun. I have always been happy to boot up the game with a few friends and mess around or find people online to do raids. I personally find the part of the game where you get to hunt specific loot to use is very exciting. That thrill when you get the gun you have been grinding for is irreplaceable. Through playing this game I have made several new friends and people I can hang out with. The destiny community is one of the better ones I have been a part of with most of them willing to help you through activities and such. The gunplay in this game is probably my favorite of any game because everything feels so nice to use, also you can use whatever you want. In Destiny, any type of gun is valid so you can go around using anything. 

The only cons I have found in Destiny 2 personally is that it can be a little hard to get into. It is a very complicated game with many perks and stats that matter, it can be really confusing to start. The only other con I found in this game is you have to be willing to grind. You won’t get anything right away so if you have a short attention span this might not be for you.

Overall Destiny 2 is one of my personal all-time favorite games, the story is very interesting, the gunplay feels amazing, the movement is awesome. There is a bunch of stuff to do so you almost can’t overplay it. Destiny 2 is extremely fun with friends from going into challenging encounters in raids, to messing around with different guns in a custom PvP lobby. I would rate this game as a 9/10.

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