Some Places to Eat Out at or Get Takeout From in Santa Cruz County

Written by Natasha Gunion (Features Writer)

Santa Cruz County consists of many phenomenal restaurants Including some that are open during the pandemic. Listed on multiple social media review sites, lay the most popular and highest-rated restaurants and dining places. Santa Cruz has a wide variety of places to eat at with a range of very different food categories.

The most popular restaurants in the county are mostly seafood because of how close to the ocean we are. In that case, the most popular seafood restaurants are Otoro Sushi in Scotts Valley.  “I love dining at Otoro Sushi, they have a great selection of things on their menu,” says Maiya Armstrong. They have a rating of five stars with over 1,500 positive reviews. Otoro sushi has a wide selection of things on their menu from soups and salads to sushi and different kinds of seafood. 

Mexican food is also very popular here, there are a few very high-rated places such as El Palomar in Santa Cruz, and Los Gallos in Scotts Valley. They both are rated five stars for amazing food and customer service. “I love their burritos and tacos,” says Alia Rolen. Both have an option of delivery and take out which has been super helpful during this pandemic. 

Betty Burgers in Santa Cruz has a rating of 4 ½ stars and over 1,300 positive reviews. Betty Burgers offers you anything from burgers to wings. They are known for their burgers such as “the smoking betty” is the most popular on the menu, a signature burger from the owner themself. They offer to dine in and take out. 

These restaurants in Santa Cruz County are some of the most popular and highest-rated restaurants around. All have amazing reviews on the food, customer service, quality, and more. They are also all open to dine in and take out which is super flexible for anyone. I recommend giving these locations a try.  

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