Former Duke of Edinburgh and the Husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip Dies

Written by Konnor Long (News Writer)

On April 17th, Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Philip, former Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully in his sleep that day. In the midst of a national lockdown, the palace disclosed that Philip had been hospitalized several times.

Philip had long maintained his Image as “the first gentleman in the land,” and his intention was always to preserve the monarchic structure that Britain had seen for multiple centuries. Queen Elizabeth II’s power over her state had become largely emblematic which put Philip in an interesting position in the public perception. It had become clear that amid tumultuous royal family affairs, Philip served no significant role internally,  the presence of which was only to serve as an actor for the monarchies public image.

Since their marriage in 1947, Philip had served as a second piece to the queen. He would appear in public photo shoots and settings with her and would stand in her place to serve at events she was unable to attend. In private, however, Prince Philip was known to have a cold and dominating presence. Prince Harry remarked that Philip and Elizabeth II were both incredibly emotionally reserved, and gave little guidance as parents. The older Prince Philip got, staffers and individuals who interacted with him perceived him to be an increasingly dysfunctional and unavailable individual.

The 1994 Biography by Jonathan Dimbleby (with the help of Prince Charles, Berry) showed his disdain for his father and described him as a belittling individual who conducted “brash and obstreperous behavior” toward himself and Philip’s daughter, Princess Anne. 

Amid rising tensions between Phillips’s grandson Prince Harry and granddaughter-in-law Megan. The royal family witnessed multiple interviews with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, in which the couple accused them of cruel and unusual behavior toward the two, as well as racism toward Meghan. During this interview, The Duchess detailed how lonely and isolating the Royal Family’s environment was, to the extent that she was driven to consider suicide. During her interview, Megan said that her one regret was “believing them when they said I would be protected.”

 From last Friday to Saturday, the palace outlined the ceremony and funeral that would  surround Prince Philip’s burial. The royal family decided in a statement that Prince Philip “will lie to rest in Windsor Castle ahead of the funeral in St George’s Chapel.”

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