Myanmar Protests Against the Coup Continue and are Still Going Strong

Written by Kaherdin Clohan Bonnet (News Writer)

Just as of recently, the number of deaths from the ongoing coup has reached and passed seven hundred. Despite this lengthy and bloody chaos continuing on, the Myanmar government and Military are showing no signs of slowing down or stopping their bloodshed and turmoil.

While the military won’t back down, neither have the Myanma protesters yet, despite them only being armed with slingshots, barricades, and airguns, according to someone who had lost their brother in this horrific violence. Meanwhile, while the citizens of Myanmar continue to die, the United Nations office in Myanmar said that the violence must cease immediately and tried to convince the military to let them treat the wounded, though they continue to not step in.

 On Friday alone, 80 people were killed, but now the Myanmar Government is going to even greater lengths, by sentencing those protesting to death, with 23 people already making their way onto the death penalty in a closed trial.

John Fredrick, when asked about how he felt about the chaos and bloodshed in Myanmar had this to say, “I believe that this coup in Myanmar is a wonderful example of peoples’ lust for power and the United Nations’ decision to not directly intervene proves that there are people among us who may agree with the disgusting acts of the country,” which makes sense, though only those who gain from this coup would ever be in support of it, as nobody supports the deaths of hundreds upon hundreds of innocent civilians. 

There’s little to nothing that normal people from other countries can do to help, which is why a large outside organization or group stepping in on this atrocious display of greed and lack of humanity is very important for the cause.

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