A Movie Review of the Animated Film “Hop”

Written by Natasha Gunion (Features Writer)

Hop was directed by Tim Hill published in 2011. This movie runs an hour and 35 minutes long and is rated PG. it has a review of 4 out of 5 stars and 89% of people voted a thumbs up on the film. Hop is a perfect family movie for all ages, it is very humorous and enjoyable for any age. 

“Hop” is a short fiction movie that is about a location called “Beneath Easter island” which is a giant factory where all of the Easter candy is made. A well-known rabbit in the area is preparing to pass the title of being “the Easter bunny” to his son, named E.B. E.B has no interest in this job because partially he doesn’t want to grow up, and he wants to pursue his passion for drumming. E.B runs away to Los Angeles, California to avoid playing his role as the Easter bunny. On his adventure to LA, a man named Fred O’Hare runs into him. E.B talks Fred into providing himself a shelter, food, and something like a new father figure, only this one is human. An evil chick from the factory named Carlos tries to get in E.B’s way of becoming the Easter bunny which throws many challenges at E.B throughout the movie. 

A few very well-known actors and actresses play in this movie such as James Marsden, Russell Brand, Kaley Cuoco, Hank Azaria, Gary Cole, and many more. You have possibly seen these actors in a few very popular and loved movies such as The Notebook, Enchanted, Hairspray and tons more. Because this is a fictional movie, most of the actors are voices, and not as much shown. Although people like James Marsden and a few others are shown throughout the whole movie. 

Hop has over 100,000 reviews on multiple websites that have people sharing that it is the perfect family movie, appropriate for kids, but also fun for adults or people of any age to watch. Although this movie came out years ago, it is the perfect movie for the springtime, especially around Easter time. I have watched this movie with my family for years and we all love it, it never gets old and we can get a laugh out of it every time. If you are looking for a humorous kind-hearted movie to watch with friends or family, or even by yourself, I recommend this!

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