Santa Cruz Boardwalk Plans on Reopening

Written by Lucas Murawsky (News Writer)

As vaccines continue to be distributed, many states are seeing a reduction in Covid cases, and Santa Cruz County is one of the many counties that is seeing a big drop in cases over the past few weeks. With this significant drop in cases, comes a big outcome such as previously closed stores/places of leisure reopening and the reopening of indoor dining. 

One of the many places that is able to reopen is the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. According to the new state announcement, amusement parks are going to be able to reopen on April 1st. “We are currently reviewing the new guidelines and preparing to reopen our rides and attractions in a manner that is safe for our guests and employees.” the Beach Boardwalk quoted on their website.

With the opening of amusement parks, there will also alot of covid restriction for things such as: plexi shields for food stations, increased disinfecting of rides and high touch points, hand sanitizer available at every ride, and all employees wearing gloves and masks at all times. With the addition to multiple other requirements when entering the boardwalk. 

Employees also must go through a Covid-19 procedure before coming into work. Employees must complete a CDC Covid-19 health questionnaire and have their temperatures checked before the start of their workday. Employees with a fever will be sent home. Health procedures will be conducted by security for vendors or guests showing symptoms of Covid-19.  

“We’re really excited that the state has authorized amusement parks in California to open,” Boardwalk spokesman Kris Reyes said, “What we’re working on right now is a plan to reopen our rides and attractions and we hope to have a date announced soon of when we will be able to do that.”

The boardwalk is not the only place that will be allowed to reopen, since Santa Cruz County has moved into the red tier, all restaurants are allowed to reopen/have indoor seating at a max of 25% capacity. Along with the restaurants, gyms, museums, nail salons, shopping centers, places of worship, massage places, zoos, aquariums, and movie theaters are allowed to open under certain capacity restrictions. 

As the county continues to see a decrease in the number of cases, and will most likely move into the orange tier this month, more and more places will be able to open to more people and not as harsh restrictions. 

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