What Students at SLVHS are Looking Forwards to During Spring Break – Keeping COVID Cautions in Mind

Written by Kayla Hoffman (Features Writer)

Spring Break is coming up which means that we all get time off from school. With the Covid-19 vaccine rolling out, more people are getting vaccinated every day. However, this is the older age range, which puts a lot of worry off of sick, old, or people working as first responders. Our age group, meaning early to late teens, has yet to be massively vaccinated. Thus, Covid-19 is still a very real thing for those not vaccinated. With coronavirus still being very real and out there, students at San Lorenzo Valley High School haven’t really taken into consideration what Spring Break is for them. 

When asked about Spring Break plans, Kian Cartelli said, “I haven’t even really thought about that. I’ll probably just do some car maintenance and see some friends.” With online schools still being in effect, Spring Break is seen differently through the eyes of our students. There’s no true ‘break’ feeling because the only difference is that we are not waking up early and going to in-person classes. Although this is true, the week off will feel nice to hard-working students. 

On the other hand, more and more vaccinations have opened up more opportunities to travel. Travel and various businesses across America have slowly begun to pick up. On social media, there have been numerous posts about snow trips, specifically in Tahoe. With all the snowfall up there, there’s a great chance that some San Lorenzo Valley High School students may use this week off to hit the slopes. One of which is Jenna Womble who mentioned, “My plan is to go to Tahoe with friends! We’re going to do some snowboarding.”

Whether or not you are staying home, seeing friends, or going out of town, it’s important to remember that Covid is still a threat to many; we must exercise a great amount of caution when it comes to traveling or visiting with friends. Though Spring Break feels very different, it’s important to take this time for yourself. Online learning has taken a toll on students and teachers alike, so let’s use this time to stay healthy, catch up on work, and/or take a moment for ourselves!

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