Video of Woman Assaulting Uber Driver Goes Viral

Written by Makoa Ho’opai (News Writer)

A video of a San Francisco woman went viral after being seen coughing on her uber driver. and also allegedly pulled his mask off. driver, Subhakar Khadka, a south Asian man says he believes he got targeted because of his race after picking up the three women on San Bruno Avenue. Arna Kimiai was the woman, an anti-masker that coughed on the driver for being asked to wear a mask. In the end, Arna Kimiai had many charges such as two misdemeanor offenses, violation of COVID-19 health protocols, and one count of battery. She was also charged with attempted robbery after lunging out to grab his phone and one count of assault on a transportation driver for physically attacking the driver. She now has fines up to $3000 and could be facing up to 16 years in prison, the driver also said she deliberately coughed, laughed, and yelled racial slurs all along. She even sprayed the driver with pepper spray before getting out and leaving. Uber has now banned the women from her account permanently. She ended up turning herself in to the police after finding she has a warrant for her arrest. The US has reportedly had more violence toward Asians since the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 3,800 acts of violence just in the last year, which is a big difference from the year before that which was 2,600 acts of violence. The incident took place on March 7th.

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