NBA and NHL Updates

Written by Zane Krikke (Sports Writer)

Things are heating up in the world of sports as teams and players are fired up and excited for the outcome of their season. Most are prepared to do what it takes to win and go all out since their past season might’ve gotten cut short or had heavy restrictions due to the coronavirus. With the pandemic dying down around the world and vaccines are making their way to heal people, it’s starting to sound like more of a normal world again out there where we can all stop stressing out and start relaxing again to our favorite sports

The sports community is thriving with major sports such as NBA, MLB, & the NHL all in progress right now. All three of these sports had their official league cut short last season due to the pandemic. Now the teams and players are ready to stretch out on the playing field and getting ready to go back to playing their ruthless games against each other to try and claim victory. 

Excitingly we are on week 12 of this year’s NBA season. So far the Oklahoma city thunder has won the most games this NBA season. Due to the coronavirus and restrictions from it, only 72 games are being played out this NBA season which is 10 less than usual as 82 professional games are regularly played out for the NBA season. This week we have several games happening for the NBA. On Thursday, March 11th we have the Detroit Pistons & Charlotte Hornets, Atlanta Hawks & Toronto Raptors, Orlando Magic & Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers & Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks & Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves & New Orleans Pelicans, Dallas Mavericks & Oklahoma City Thunder. Golden State Warriors & LA Clippers, Phoenix Suns & Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets & Sacramento Kings. These are all games happening this coming Thursday, March 11th which will put forth for the players who are advancing and who are taking a loss. 

The NHL season started officially on January 13th and they’re now in their 9th week of the season. Normally there are 82 games in the league to win the Stanley Cup championship but due to coronavirus, only 56 games are happening this season. This is the 104th season of the NHL. This year’s Stanley Cup playoffs will feature the 16 best teams to brawl it out on the ice and fight for the number one victory cup. Thursday, March 11th will feature 20 teams battling each other to move closer to the playoffs. New York & Boston, Pittsburgh & Buffalo, New Jersey & New York, Washington & Philadelphia, Nashville and Carolina, Florida & Columbus, Winnipeg & Toronto, Tampa Bay & Detroit, Chicago & Dallas, Monreal & Calgary. These teams will battle it out with each other to claim that victorious feeling of beating the other teams and climbing higher as the best team to enter playoffs for this year’s season. 

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