SLVUSD Begins Efforts to Vaccinate all School Staff

Written by Beckett Glass (News Editor)

The San Lorenzo Valley School District (SLVUSD), as well as the other school districts in Santa Cruz County, have been undertaking efforts to vaccinate all staff including teachers, administrators, and support staff. In the past few months, the Santa Cruz County Office of Education (Santa Cruz COE has been trying to vaccinate all school staff in the county to facilitate a return to in-person instruction. 

According to a press release by the SLVUSD, teachers in the district are being vaccinated and those who have not been vaccinated are scheduled to do so. The SLVUSD is working with the SLV Teachers Union to ensure that schools can be reopened safely for teachers, students, and supporting staff. 

Ms. Borgen, a Special-Ed teacher at San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School commented on the effect that distance learning had on her students: “I feel that most of my students continued to improve academically during Distance Learning. I was amazed and proud of each of them who showed up regularly to our online Morning Meetings and continued to work through the agenda remotely…They all worked hard and showed much growth!  I placed a big focus on social-emotional learning while we were together online…However, I am almost certain that no matter what I did from home, I could not provide them the social experiences, connections, and routine, that they so direly need, without being in school with them. Our actual routine is what drives everything from academics to naturally using social skills, to transitioning to and from tasks that might not ever occur at home.”

Ms. Vachon, a member of the International Service Workers Union stated: “While I cannot speak for everyone, I think everyone should get the vaccine. Everyone should be able  to make their own choice. As long as all school employees socially distanced themselves, wear masks, wash their hands often, for the 2 minutes, and stay home if they are not feeling well if they are not able or willing to get the vaccine it is their decision.”

It is very important to vaccinate our teachers and staff, according to KSBW as of February 18, 50% of the school staff (teachers, management, and support staff) have been vaccinated. This is an important step to the planned reopening of schools in the spring. 

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