A Covid-19 Update in Santa Cruz County

Written by Makoa Ho’opai (News Writer)

Recently the Santa Cruz County officials announced that access to the COVID-19 vaccine will be expanded to workers in the education and childcare, agriculture, and food industries. The eligibility was said to be based on occupation definitions from the California Department of Public Health and also required proof of occupation for vaccination. The expansion will happen at a key milestone when all county residents over the age of 65 and older have received at least one or two vaccinations then will begin efforts toward industries and education workers, the county is urging older residents over the age of 65 that have not yet been vaccinated to go schedule an appointment now to speed up the process of vaccines getting out to the public because the older residents have the highest risk of death or serious illness from the virus. They are also working on ensuring that the most impacted communities get equal access to vaccines

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