SLVHS Sports Start up Again with Covid-19 Precautions

Written by Zane Krikke (Sports Writer)

A lot is going on right now in the world of sports as the winter season is dying off and spring practice and training are starting up again. As restrictions for the coronavirus are becoming a bit looser and players and coaches can finally start to have somewhat normally practices again without following major procedures we can finally see the players getting comfortable on the field again. The NFL is coming to an end with all games and tournaments ending with the victory of the Superbowl. We still have MLB, NBA, & the NHL currently happening with each day getting closer to their finals. We have College sports becoming doable as well with strict guidelines and procedures for the virus. So far college football has started its league again as well with college men’s basketball and college women’s basketball. Even Nascar is starting up again with tournaments and races happening over the weekend. 

This is week 10 of the NBA with games happening every single day this week. Tues Feb 23 has 9 games playing out. Wed, Feb 24 has 9 games playing out, Thursday, Feb 25 has 6 games, Friday, Feb 26 has 10 games, Saturday, Feb 27 has 6 games, and Sunday, Feb 28 has 10 games being played on that day. Every team is still above qualifications and no team has been eliminated yet. As the weeks continue we wonder how the games will progress and what two teams will make it to the championships and even what team will be victorious. 

MLB training has started back up again as players get ready for the 2021 season already training and having practices you can tell the players are just itching to get back onto the field and show what they have. The 2020 season got cut short due to the coronavirus and certain restrictions not being followed so players, coaches, & fans could not be more ready for the season to start. These players are still required to follow the rules and restrictions regarding the coronavirus and must follow all the strict guidelines if they wanna keep their season running constantly with no problems. The official first week of the MLB season doesn’t start until April 1st so teams have time to practice and get prepared for their season again.

The NHL is starting its season up again with scrimmages and some games being played out. They’re on week 4 of their season so far battling their way to the Stanley cup finals. 31 teams enter the playoffs but only two make it to the Stanley cup and only one comes out victorious. Outta the 31 teams, each must face at least ten other teams and win to advance to the Stanley Cup championship. 

After dealing with Coronavirus scares, problems, and restrictions it’s calming to see the world start to go back to normal and see our favorite sports be doable again.

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