Looking at SLV Sports Almost A Year After the Original Shut-Down

Written by Kayla Lammers (Sports Writer)

We have almost hit the 1-year mark on the stay-at-home shelter in place order. March 13th was our last day in school and we are already at the end of February of the next year. The lust of school and socializing has only grown over the year, but this annoying lonely time has also become a comfortable normal. Maybe not ideal but we have been stuck at home for so long that routines have been established.

Trying to get back to school has been a goal for the entire time, and we are almost to the finish line. There are now dates for when students can return to hybrid version school. Starting with the elementary working up to highschools, there will be students on campus by the end of April. 

Another goal, that has been met, is resuming school sports. Since February 1st, cross country practices’ have been in action. February 15th was the first day of meets and will last until March 26th. 

The next hurdle is continuing the seasons. Season two will include girls golf and girls tennis, swimming, track, and field. If Santa Cruz County gets to the orange tier volleyball and football will also be included. The next season will start March 1st and end on April 23rd. 

Season three will include boys golf and boys tennis. If Santa Cruz county moves down to the red tier baseball, girls lacrosse, outside cheer, and softball will be added to the list. If we get to the orange tier water polo, soccer, and boys lacrosse can start. Yellow tier includes basketball and wrestling, as those are the most contact sports, and are inside. Season three will take place from April 5th to May 28th.

Right now Santa Cruz County is in the purple tier, which means our county has more than 7 new cases per day per 100,000 people. That means that there is more than an 8% test positivity rate. Santa Cruz county is at a 10% positivity rate, doubled from the beginning of the stay at home order when the positive test rate was 5.6%

When it comes to testing student-athletes, a health survey through an app will be needed before each practice and game. Weekly tests for those 13 and older will be completed. Counties with 7-14 cases per day per 100,000 are allowed to host sports. Santa Cruz County is at 12.2 cases per day per 100,000.

Some new guidelines will be in place as extra safety precautions. For soccer, football, and lacrosse the team will be split into smaller groups. This is to try to practice social distancing while still having social interaction and participation.

The schools participating in cross country are San Lorenzo Valley HS, Scotts Valley HS, Aptos HS, Harbor HS, and St. Francis C.C. High School. Most meets have been at San Lorenzo Valley HS like normal.

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