The Aftermath of the Domestic Terrorism Attacks on the Capitol Building

Written by Konnor Long (News Writer)

It’s been over a month since the Capitol Building riots have taken place, marking it the first time in over 200 years since the Capitol building had been trespassed. Wednesday, January 6th, hundreds of pro-Trump and right-wing protesters stormed the capital in an attempt to disrupt the institutional Counting of electoral votes that would have confirmed president-elect Joe Biden’s win at a much sooner date.

 The initial attack was inspired in large part by President Donald Trump’s campaign against the confirmation of electoral votes under the guise of large-scale voter fraud, this campaign was met with mob protesters pushing through abrasive barriers and police units. Shortly after initially arriving, the house floor was evacuated before being entirely occupied. There were five observed deaths and countless injuries as a result of the attack.

What has happened following this historic attack, is the second impeachment trial is set for this past Tuesday, and as a result of his response to the rioters, lawyers in the case are currently investigating whether or not this is considered an incitement of violence. Multiple social media outlets and platforms have since banned or suspended Donald Trump from using their service. Most statements on this decision cite Donald Trump’s mobilization rioters and incitement of multiple Criminal Acts.

As a response to threats of death and violence against Joe Biden and other members of the United States government who sought to uphold Joe Biden’s victory,  the inauguration of January 20th saw local and Capitol Police Stationed at each Washington DC Airports. The TSA increased all precautionary measures, and certain security fences at the Capitol were reinstalled. Not only did the storming of the capital occur on one of the deadliest days of Covid-19 deaths, many officials fear this could have been a super spreader event. Experts state that it will be nearly impossible to determine the impact of this event, with rioters dispersing across the country after the event. The event saw thousands of individuals in large tight crowds spanning the entirety of the Capitol building’s house floor, as well as the main entrance. Suspicions of police bias have also occurred as a result of the underwhelming and largely insufficient law enforcement response. It was apparent that the units that were initially mobilized to prevent trespassing were unprepared to handle the scope and threat of such an attack.

As time passes, more individuals are being arrested on a case-by-case basis. More than 400 subject Case Files have been opened by the FBI about individuals who participated in the event. Certain Capitol police officers are being investigated for the potential facilitation of rioters. Of those arrested, an NPR examination concluded that 17% of individuals arrested have had “ties to extremist or fringe groups and ideas” The total number of people arrested and charged for federal crimes as a direct result of the attack equate to less than 1/4 of the total participants.

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