The 55th Annual Super Bowl

Written by Micheal Finley (Sports Writers)

Super Bowl 55 was very unexpected, I was thinking the Chiefs would win but the Bucs had Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the Super Bowl. He has won 6 and played in 9. Tom played his first super bowl when Patrick was in kindergarten. Patrick Mahomes did very well but his teammates couldn’t catch a single pass and made so many fouls. The chiefs had 8 flags and were playing very sloppy. Guess the Coach didn’t give a good enough pep talk.

During the super bowl, Patrick threw a perfect throw and hit a reserved in the face mask and he didn’t catch it. Overall both quarterbacks did very well. I think Tom has carried the Bucs to the win and he’s the MVP. Tom Brady has played and 2 teams and won the super bowl almost every year on both. I never liked the patriots but Tom didn’t even need them. I don’t know why Tom would like to be traded when he has been with the Patriots for so long. Four more rings till he can wear them all on both hands

The performance at halftime was amazing. I saw a few people say that The Weekend had music playing well and lip-synced and never really played the violin. Everyone has been making memes about them. Some of their top songs are blinding lights and can’t feel my face. They’re a good band and if it was fake it was a good performance.

I love the super bowl commercials, there was a funny commercial by M&M. Some people watch the game just for the 10-minute breaks. I hate how long it takes for the commercials to end. They’re way too long. You can look up on youtube funny super bowl commercials and see them all.

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