College Football Starts Up Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by Zane Krikke (Sports Writer)

An exciting time for fans, parents, and students all over the country as Covid-19 starts to get more under control in the United States sports between schools are starting back up and getting back into the rivalry spirit among each other. One sport, in particular, that is getting the nation thrilled is the return of college football. As we spend months in lockdown waiting for the return of sports we finally get to see the underdog league play and see who will be playing in the NFL possibly soon. Since it’s been close to a year for most schools when they went on lockdown it’s reassuring seeing sports start up again and people driving their minds away from the pandemic. Though we shouldn’t forget about it. Sports starting back up shows how close we are to beating this and all returning to our normal lives again. 

Since most colleges and universities have started up their football league again they have many kids who are starting to get back on the field and face some competition. These kids have been training and preparing themselves for the moment to step back onto a field and face an opposing team. After only being able to practice with each other hearing the news to go head to head again must be like Christmas morning for them. 

According to ESPN and NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), there will be 121 returning teams to the college football season this year. As some colleges are already battling against each other in the pre-league for this season the anticipation and rivalries keep building up between the schools. These schools will battle it out to prove who deserves to win the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) which is the official season and way to win the championship for college football. The FBS first game isn’t until August 28th, 2021 which is when week 0 starts for this year’s upcoming season for college football. 

Though the FBS is still months away these colleges and universities that are signed up to play will waste no time in preparing themselves for any situation that could happen. Including Covid-19 restrictions and breakouts that could lead to chaotic trouble later on in the season for players and coaches. All members participating on the field must wear a mask at all times unless an athletic member is in-game playing. No one is invincible from these rules and they must be followed strictly and correctly if we want this season to be safe and not have any more breakouts. 

These next few months will be an intriguingly crazy time for football players and fans as we see who is the most prepared for when the FBS comes around. These teams have been cooped up for so long I’m sure they’re just itching to get back onto the field and battle for victory so this may be one the most determined, passionate, & chaotic seasons ever. 

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