What Will Gaming Look Like in 2021?

Written by Lucas Hede (Features Writer)

2020 was a big year when it comes to gaming with the releases of next-gen consoles, next-gen PC parts, and a bunch of really popular games. Now with 2021, it will be hard to top the games and popularity that 2020 had, but here are some games that are very highly anticipated coming out in 2021.

Hitman 3 will be the eighth installment in the Hitman series and the last one of the Hitman trilogy. Created by IO Interactive, Hitman 3 is a stealth game coming out on January 20th. It will be launched on PC, Xbox One (as well as Series X and S), Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4 & 5. In this game, like the two before it, you will play as Agent 47 to complete assassinations in six new locations. Sadly unlike Hitman 2, there will be multiplayer.

The next big release coming up is Back 4 Blood. Made by the same people who made Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood is a multiplayer survival horror game where you will try to defend an area from approaching waves of zombies. With the release of the trailer at the Game Awards the release date is currently set for June 22nd, but that might be subject to change because of the pandemic or game-breaking bugs. 

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a long-awaited sequel to Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. This game will feature levels and story missions from all nine main series Star Wars movies. With new combat and different mechanics, there will be a lot to do especially since you can start from any episode of the story you want. There will be different attacks with lightsabers as well as many more planets and explorable ships. The game will include nearly 500 characters with almost all of them being playable. This game was set to release in 2020 but was pushed back due to Covid-19 as well as the addition of more new content. The Skywalker Saga is to be released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Series S and X, Playstation 4 and 5, as well as PC. 

Halo Infinite, set to be released in 2020 but pushed back to 2021, will be the sixth main installment in the Halo series. Halo Infinite like all the past Halo’s will be a first-person shooter. Unlike the past Halo’s this installment will have more open-world areas than the rest of them. As stated by Chris Lee, the director for Halo Infinite, “Halo Infinite is the start of our platform for the future,” They want this to be their main game, so there will probably be added DLC’s for new content. Unlike the last Halo installment, the Master Chief will have more of a central role than in the past. 

Overall there are many upcoming games set to release in 2021, but these are the most highly anticipated ones of them all. Hopefully, 2021 will have as many cool and successful games as 2020 did with many of us staying inside due to Covid-19.

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