Some Upcoming Movies to Look For in 2021

Written by Azella LaFever (Features Writer)

With the New Year, there is a brand new selection of movies to come. Many of the movies that were supposed to be released in 2020 were unfortunately delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but because of this many of the new movies that are being released in 2021 is supposed to be very promising. 

There are many new movies coming out in January. On January first the first release of the year will be Shadow In The Cloud on VOD, which is a movie about a World War II female pilot with top-secret documents and she gets on a flight with all males and discovers that there is some sort of gremlin with them on the flight, and this movie is filmed almost entirely on the plane. On January seventh, Netflix released a movie called Pieces Of A Woman, which is a movie about authentically capturing the stages of grief and frustration that come with a challenge in a relationship. 

On January 8th, there are two big movies that came out; one of the movies is called Herself and is coming out on Amazon, which is about a young mother who escapes her abusive husband. The other is called The Reason I Jump, coming out in theaters this is a film adaptation of the book by Naoki Higashida in which he answers questions on autism and gives a glimpse into an autistic child’s mind. On January 14th there was a movie released called Locked Down on HBO, and this movie is about when the world is locked down and how they find their ticket out through a jewelry heist. 

Today, on January 15th there are many movies scheduled to come out such as The Marksmen in theaters which is about a struggling rancher taking in a young Mexican on the run, and Acasa My Home also in theaters which is about nine children and their family is forced to move off the river where they had been living for twenty years and be moved into the city. There is also American Skin is about an Iraq war vet who decides to take things into his own hands after his son is called and this movie is coming out on VOD, and The Dig is a movie that illuminates a part of history that lacks documentation in England this movie is coming out in theaters, and MLK/FBI is about exploring the government’s surveillance and harassment of Martin Luther King JR. This movie is coming out in theatres and on VOD. Some Kind Of Heaven is about an inside look at America’s largest retirement community and is coming out in theatres and VOD. 

On January 22 there is a movie coming out called No Mans Land. This movie is coming out in theatres and on VOD this movie is about a man’s journey to seek forgiveness from a little Mexican boy’s father and falling in love with the land he was taught to hate. On January twenty-ninth there are many different movies coming out such as a movie called The Little Things is coming out in theatres and on VOD and is about a sheriff and detective teaming up to catch a serial killer. The Night is coming out in theatres and on VOD and is about an Iranian couple who get trapped in a US  hotel. The Wanting Mare is coming out and is a technical marvel of digital world building on the level of Sky Captain and is coming out in theatres and on VOD. 

In conclusion, these are the movies that are coming out in January of 2021 my personal favorite that I would like to watch is The Night. All of these movies sound very interesting and I’m excited to see them all. 

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