Local Santa Cruz County Restaurants to Get Food From (Safely)

Written by Natasha Gunion (Features Writer)

During this pandemic, people have picked up many new hobbies, including baking and cooking. Although that can be very fun, it is always nice to eat out and try different restaurants and or food places. Now that we are asked to stay inside as much as possible, some personal businesses have started to tank. Including family businesses/ restaurants. It is our job to be safe and take precautions during this pandemic but also helps growing businesses. 

Although a lot of restaurants and food businesses are closed during this period of time, the majority of them are still open. Some require only a few people in at a time, where you are required to wear a mask and only take it off while you are eating/drinking, while others only allow outdoor eating. Many businesses in Santa Cruz county have set up booths and covered areas outside of their restaurants to make dining as easy and safe as possible for their customers. 

We have had lots of time during this pandemic to find some of our favorite things, such as places to eat. Leila Nite shares her preference “I enjoy eating clam chowder on the wharf in Santa Cruz”. Maggie Buckley enjoys supporting smaller businesses including the White Raven in downtown Felton, “They have amazing chai tea lattes which they make from scratch, and I also like their coffee cake, the topping is my favorite part.” 

During this pandemic, many family businesses have had to close due to taking health precautions, or not making enough income due to families choosing to stay home and not eat out. One way to help these businesses stay afloat is to safely give them service if they are open,  or simply write a review on one of many websites, Yelp. You can include a 1-5 star rating on the service and the products, and a written response. This not only helps the business grow but makes a positive impact on the company and employees. 

Some of the most popular restaurants in Santa Cruz County so far in 2020/2021 include the West End Tap and kitchen; they offer traditional California eatings with a 5-star rating. The Crow’s Nest on E cliff drive is the second most popular with a rating of 4.9. Both have been very successful recently, and are recommended by many who live in the area. 

Now that we have all developed new activities in the new year, it might be fun to branch out into trying new restaurants. It is beneficial to the company, and yourself. There are countless restaurants and family businesses in Santa Cruz county with amazing menus. I recommend trying out some of these restaurants, and branching out, while of course taking covid 19 precautions.

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