A Look at Donald Trump’s Failed Lawsuits Attempting to Flip the Election Outcome

Written by Daniel Maloney (News Writer)

Since the 2020 Presidential Election, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and others have filed dozens of lawsuits in an attempt to contest the election results. These lawsuits are in many states, including Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, almost all of which were swing states. Of these lawsuits, Trump and his allies have won none of them and only one is still ongoing, the rest either dropped by the prosecutors or dismissed by the court.

One of these lawsuits, and the last ongoing one, is Donald J. Trump for President v. Boockvar et al. This is the Supreme Court appeal of multiple Pennsylvania lawsuits asking for multiple decisions to be undone that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court made regarding the 2020 election, with the reasoning that the decisions were not in the court’s power. On the 11th, the court denied a motion to expedite the case so that it could be ruled before President-Elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration on the 20th, because of this, the case will likely not change the election results. Even if it did and Trump got all of the electoral votes of Pennsylvania, Biden would still have 286 electoral votes, more than the 270 needed to win.

Another lawsuit filed was Donald J. Trump for President v. Oliver et al, filled in New Mexico against its Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver. The lawsuit is about the usage of drop boxes to collect ballots. The Trump Campaign specifically argues that she violated the state election code by allowing the use of these ballot drop boxes. This case was dropped on the 11th by the Trump Campaign, meaning that only the Pennsylvania lawsuit is currently ongoing. A similar case was filed in Pennsylvania involving drop boxes that were dismissed in October by a Trump-appointed judge. The judge said that the Pennsylvania case was “speculative” and did not have evidence of fraud. If the case was continued it would also likely not be ruled in favor of Trump or ruled before Joe Biden’s Inauguration. Even if it is and Trump got all votes from New Mexico, the state has only five electoral votes, meaning that he would be nowhere near winning the election.

Another interesting ongoing lawsuit relating to the election is Welfare Rights Org. et al. v. Donald J. Trump et al. This suit is challenging President Trump, and his efforts to overturn the election results, specifically saying it disenfranchised black voters in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Atlanta. “For two weeks, the president and his campaign have been spreading misinformation and making baseless accusations of voting irregularities in cities with large concentrations of Black voters who participated in record numbers in this election,” said the NAACP LDF president Sherrilyn Ifill.  Also saying “Equally alarming has been the president’s attempts to pressure state and local officials in Michigan – first with a demand that votes in Detroit not be counted and now, more recently, urging officials to refuse to certify votes from Wayne County.”

These lawsuits are not going well for the Trump Campaign and his hopes for a second term at all. Because of this, they will likely have no change in who is nominated on the 20th, and the last ongoing suit in Pennsylvania will likely be dropped by Trump after Joe Biden is inaugurated. And again, even if Trump would get all electoral votes from Pennylsvinia he would still be nowhere near getting the 270 needed to win. But, these lawsuits may lead to lawmakers and judges possibly making new rulings if filling this many lawsuits in an attempt to win a loss election is allowed, even if they made no real difference in the election outcome.

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